Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

At Clearview Contractors, industrial pressure washing equipment is fully self-contained, meaning that we can still undertake any job without access to running water, if necessary.

We are experts at restoring most outside surfaces to a ‘looks like new’ standard and we specialise in pedestrianised flagged areas, car parks, walkways and pathways in commercial environments.

We also utilise rotary surface cleaning machines, as and when necessary. These machines allow cleaning in a way that does not undermine the base sand and foundation, making the area treated last a lot longer than using a “standard” consumer pressure washer. 

Please note we do recommend weed killing and re-sanding to be added to this service as this will prolong the life of the treated area.

At Clearview Contractors, we also have a track record of removing mosses and lichens from tiled roofs using high pressure industrial jet washing machinery.

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